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Boys' Brigade

Providing young people with a mix of fun, adventure and challenge, BB mentors and empowers each member to reach for their potential, building their resilience and enabling them to find their place in leading and impacting their world today and into the future.


BB’s physical development program aims to equip kids with physical skills such as sporting skills and adventurous skills.

Through the BB program, kids have the opportunity to participate in games and sports, as well as outdoor adventurous activities such as canoeing, abseiling and hiking.


BB’s educational development program aims to equip kids with practical skills that they can use in life.

Through BB, kids have the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills. In older years they can develop their leadership and team work skills through our successful Leadership Development Courses.


BB’s social development program aims to equip kids with not only social skills that they can use in life, but also develop their awareness of the society around them.

Through BB, kids have the opportunity to meet new friends from their local community, and other BB groups during combined events.


BB’s spiritual development program aims to equip kids with the knowledge they need to apply the teachings of Bible to their lives.

Through BB, kids have the opportunity to draw closer to the teachings of Christ.
Challenging their understanding and perspectives of Christian beliefs, and to re-examine and re-affirm their own faith in Christ.

But why BB?

BB is an international organisation and has been in Australia for over 125 years.

BB meets weekly during the school term for about 1 to 3 hours (depending on their age), and is run by trained leaders who receive instruction in duty of care and are screened as required by state laws. The BB program is structured to appeal to and hold the attention of the members, as well as teach them new skills in physical, education, social and spiritual areas of life.

Members can join at any time, and they progress from Anchors (K-2), to Juniors (3-6), and to Seniors (7-12), depending on their age. As they go higher in BB the range of activities are broader, more adventurous, challenging and with greater rewards!


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    BBNSW has a thorough process of handling any accusations of misconduct, in whatever space they are in.

    If you know of any breaches to Boys’ Brigade Australia’s Child Safety Policy, or want to raise any issue related to child safety, please email safety@bbnsw.org.
    All correspondence will be treated in confidence.