Our people

Our people

Boys’ Brigade NSW is a registered charity through ACNC and is governed by a board of directors elected by the leaders of companies throughout NSW. They are responsible for leading the movement in NSW and ensuring that company leaders are well trained and resourced to run their companies.

Our board



Owen Robson

Vice President – Administration

Having been invovled since he was at school, Owen now oversees the administration of BBNSW, and gives direction to the movement

Graham Terry

Vice President – Development

Graham is convinced that BB is an effective and essential ministry, and helps our state start and develop our companies.


Vice President – Operations

Kenneth Barnes

Secretary and Seniors Director

Ken serves as the secretary of BBNSW and as the seniors’ director, overseeing state assessed awards such as the Queen’s Badge. He is also a trustee of the BB Fund.

George Brook


George serves as the treasurer of BBNSW, ensuring the financial integrity of BBNSW is maintained through setting budgets and monitoring income and expenses.

Nicolas Tsaoucis

Media and publicity director

Nic works as a software developer and oversees BBNSW’s website and social media platforms. He loves to cook (and eat!) and loves to chill out with a console controller in hand.

Rhys Newman

BBA Council representaitve

Rhys serves as BBNSW’s representative to the Boys’ Brigade Australia Council

Sean Salampessy

Administration Assistant

Sean currently works as BBNSW’s administration assistant, coordinating with company leaders and the board. He is also studying for a degree in project management.