National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme

Re: The National Redress Scheme
This morning ( 2 July 2020), Boys’ Brigade NSW submitted their intention to join the National Redress Scheme to the Commonwealth Government. This begins the process of joining the scheme, and we will work with the Government to conclude the process of joining Boys’ Brigade NSW to the scheme as quickly as possible.

We acknowledge the distress that yesterday’s announcement caused survivors, those who are currently involved with Boys’ Brigade, those who were former members and leaders, and the general public.

For this, we apologise.

We would be grateful for understanding that we are a volunteer organisation navigating our way through complex matters.

As a Christian organisation, Boys’ Brigade NSW is committed to the safety of all children in its care, and ensures that all of its leaders comply by government regulations and complete Boys’ Brigade’s child protection training, as well as the relevant training for their church.

The safety of those in our care is of the upmost importance in our organisation and we remain committed to their wellbeing.

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